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Wheel assembly lab

For more than 20 years we have been producing wheels exclusively by hand.
Actually, the word “producing” doesn’t do justice, seems like we’re talking about something produced automatically, industrially. Instead, wheels are a very special product, where the different components influence each other and must be correctly harmonized to obtain the best results.

Bringing these sophisticated tensioned structures into “life” is a combination of dexterity and a touch of art. Naturally, it is very important that the wheel is properly destressed, freeing it from residual tensions that would cause its gradual run-out in use. After each de-stressing cycle the wheel it is re-trued, then destressed again until the wheel remains true within the reference values. Spoke tensions are controlled in all phases.

Axial / radial rigidity measuring machine

To accurately measure and record the stiffness values of a wheel or rim, which is important for evaluating the different configurations or different components, we have a machine that applies the load recording the deflections, in order to have objective and directly comparable data.

Watch the video gallery of our test machines
With complete wheel

Measurements can be made on the complete wheel, to characterize the stiffness of the wheel as a whole, according to the various components used.

With rim only

By characterizing the rim only, we can measure the differences due, for example, to the different section designs, or different laminations.

Rim drilling lab

A service that has been part of our offer for many years, which allows our customers to create custom drilling on both prototype or production carbon rims.

Hub assembly

For some clients we perform hub assembly, using a dedicated work bench with the proper tools.

Assembly and truing

Wheel assembly is performed by hand and truing is monitored with the truing gauges, according to the parameters set by the client.

Shipping warehouse

In our shipping warehouse we keep the packaging material of our customers, in addition to everything necessary for packaging shipping logistics.

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